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sharing food
Well, let’s start with the fact that when at home, while I like the rules to be the same, the fact is, we are in a much more familiar and comfortable situation and for many, almost anything goes.  I would recommend still using the best of table manners when there is an interest in sharing – and that would be the same as when out to dinner.
Sharing has become quite the norm in many restaurants; people enjoy sampling a bite or so of a unique dish and many fine restaurants like Ruth’s Chris Steak House or Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse  will actually encourage the guests to buy 2-3 “sides for sharing”.  However, when it comes to sharing one’s steak with one who may have lobster, etc. or some of one’s personal appetizer…it is important to be discreet and sanitary.
That means….if the common question arises “would you like to share a bite of each other’s entree?”, (rather than one simply asking for part of yours without offering to share their own); then it is imperative that one uses one’s own utensils to lift from the other person’s plate and place on their own plate.
“Cutting” can be challenging because one must use their own fork and knife to cut a piece of meat…and that is not necessarily sanitary; however, if you are sharing with a relative or spouse, often times this is overlooked as a “problem” but I wouldn’t recommend it between associates, friends, etc.
In the image of this post, it would be inappropriate to pass one’s sushi using one’s chopsticks from the end in which they eat. To share this food, use the opposite ends of the chopsticks (the ends that do not go in your mouth) to pass the food.
Better to just share sides and appetizers that can be lifted with one’s own utensils.