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I absolutely LOVE this blogsite from Classy and Fabulous.  You must check it out as they have SO MANY wonderful ideas.  Take a look at this beautiful place setting.  To properly set your table, remember a few simple tips:

  1. Drink/Right – Food/Left (Five letters in Drink and Right; Four letters in Food and Left)
  2. BMW – A simple way to remember that “bread, meal, water” are placed from left to right. (Bread and butter plate is to the upper left of the plate while beverages are to the upper right of the plate.
  3. Fork/Left – Knife & Spoon/Right – If you remember that “fork” has four letters just like “left” while “knife” and “spoon” has five letters just like “right”, you will remember to set your fork/s on the left and your knife/knives and spoons/on the right.