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Flag etiquette and protocol entails a variety of codes that apply to state and military flags. Wikipedia lists several rules of respect that are outlined in the U.S. Flag Code.

When flying the United States of America flag, one may also refer to the National Flag Foundation to answer a multitude of questions from folding, raising and lowering, displaying on vehicles, flag groupings, half-staff ceremony, and more.  The American Flag is a living symbol of our country and represents the past and present sacrifices for freedom and liberty.  It is an honor to fly my American flag high upon it’s mast in dedication to those sacrifices and to respect the code and protocol of it’s proper usage, handling, and ceremonial display.

Please visit the National Flag Foundation for all  protocol on our American Flag.

The flag of the United States is a living symbol that calls to our spirit, reminding us of the greatness of America. We cherish and uphold it because it is the standard of honor under which we live.  The proper name of the nation’s symbol is the United States Flag; however, it is sometimes referred to as Old Glory.

We view the flag with devotion, for it represents our national heritage of noble deeds, splendid accomplishment, and untold sacrifices which combined to establish the moral character of our country. Our flag is a symbol that makes our past one with the present and makes the present a foundation for tomorrow.

It signifies a people dedicated to liberty, justice and freedom for all.

It is our companion around the world. It summons confidence on sight. There is a magic in its folds that continually renews the hope that this nation, under God, will long be an example everywhere for all who love freedom with honor.

We give homage to the flag because it stands for the courageous, earnest, and unselfish experiences of our people who have given us strength as a nation and pride as citizens.

We respect our flag because we have respect for our fellow citizens, and because our love for country finds its center in our flag.

The customs and traditions which surround the display and use of our flag are guides to the means by which we as proud and grateful citizens may demonstrate the ultimate respect for the flag of our nation. In honoring and saluting our flag we demonstrate affection for our nation, fellow citizens and the proud future we share.

Please visit The National Flag Foundation for all rules of protocol for the United States Flag.

Writing a Thank You note is a very simple gesture of showing appreciation for something one has received from another.  It could be a service, gift, meeting,  lunch, dinner, or time spent in someone’s home or office.  It should be sent the same or next day when possible and need only be a sincere and thoughtful expression of how grateful one is for whatever was received.

Try picking up a couple of boxes of different style “Thank You” note cards from dollar stores or fine stationers if you choose.  I like to keep a variety of simple styles, elegant cards, and also business or professional appearing cards.  This way, if one is thanking a gentlemen, business associate or employer, choosing a less feminine card might be more appropriate; however, all Thank You cards are appreciated.  Two to three lines of communication is appropriate and should always mention the particular gift or event.