You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

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Are you one of those people that just freeze up at the thought of how to enter a room and mingle with the other guests?  You don’t know anyone there and have no idea what to do besides stick to the wall and hope to get in and get out after making your obligatory appearance.  Some people are just naturals in this atmosphere but many find it a daunting experience.

A few tips that might help include the following:

  • Place yourself in close proximity to those gathered near the bar or the food (that’s where most people congregate at all gatherings).
  • Simply introduce yourself to someone and mention why you are there or what connection you may have.  They will almost certainly offer the same information back.
  • A couple of sentences are all that is necessary to “break the ice” as well as move on if it is more comfortable for you.  For example:  “Hi, I am Jane.  My daughter Britney is on the team”.  (At which time the other person will probably offer a similar sentiment).

Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, as all busy diplomats, would find herself at many gatherings, cocktail parties, fundraisers, and events.  Having the sometimes uncomfortable obligation of making small talk, in her mind, she would go down the alphabet until a subject sparked a listener’s interest, starting with A. For example, A: Airline travel has sure come a long way in a short time, hasn’t it?; B: I just saw Beauty and the Beast at the theatre, have you seen it?; C: California sure has amazing weather, I’m so glad we have a nice day for this event? …and so on.