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A moose did what??!  No, not a moose…”ahmoose boosh” is the pronunciation for this delectable miniature treat that is offered by the chef as a gift to the dining guests.  It can be served during the cocktail hour, just before the dinner begins, or even at the end of the meal in the form of a sweet display of culinary excellence.

Amuse-Bouche can be anything from a very simple display of a single item with a complementing garnish or it can be an elaborate showcase of talent featuring several items, colorful sauce drizzles, and topped with an elegant and interesting edible prop.

Here are a few tips on the etiquette of Amuse-Bouche:

  1. Amuse-Bouche is a French term that literally translates to “amuse mouth” and is figuratively translated as “entertaining the palate” or again, special miniature culinary specialty to express the chef’s talent and gratitude.
  2. Since the Amuse-Bouche is “complimentary”, it is never appropriate to ask for it.  Just because you have had it before, or somewhere else, doesn’t mean you should expect it.
  3. Amuse-Bouche may be eaten with a fork, spoon, your fingers, or a specialty miniature server spoon on which it may be presented.
  4. If a utensil is needed for the Amuse-Bouche, it will be provided.  If one is not provided, it will be considered a “finger food”.
  5. Some Amuse-Bouche may leave a saucy residue on your fingers despite being a finger food.  Simply use your napkin accordingly.
  6. You may also be offered a “finger bowl” after the Amuse-Bouche and that is a whole other post but for now,  simply dip your fingertips (one hand at a time) in the bowl and raise your napkin to the edge of the table, lowering your fingers to the napkin to dry them.

One of our local restaurants here in San Diego, more specifically, Rancho Santa Fe, is the fabulous Mille Fleurs where Chef Martin often sends out a lovely and delicious Amuse-Bouche.  If you can’t make it to Mille Fleurs, I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy a fine-dining experience complete with Amuse-Bouche, Finger Bowl, and a beautiful wine pairing to your courses.

Bon appetit!