You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Our Teen Etiquette Seminar is a five hour intensive training block as detailed below:

$200.00 per student

Seats limited to 7


The following is an example and is offered as a one-day or a two-day session at school’s discretion.



Model Release Form

Preview Quiz

General Social Guidelines

  • Rules of Introduction
  • Handshakes and Eye Contact
  • Top Ten Worst Handshakes
  • Habits That Detract
  • Gentlemanly and Ladylike Behavior
  • The Windsor Knot
  • Body Language

Communication  and Job Interview Skills

  • Cell Phone Etiquette
  • Thank You Notes
  • Public Speaking – The “One Minute Speech”
  • Resumé Writing
  • Job and College Interviews
  • Making a Good First Impression
  • Interview Questions
  • Job Requirements from Various Company Types
  • Seven Steps to Independence
  • Performing Well

Image and Attire

  • Creating a Desirable Image
  • Dress Rules for Gentlemen
  • Dress Rules for Ladies

3:00pm-3:20pm – Break (Staff preps for dinner service)

3:20pm – 3:45pm

  • Place Setting Challenge
  • American & Continental Style Dining
  • Silent Service Code (Cutting, Resting, & Closed Position)
  • Diagram for Five Course Dinner (in Guide)
  • Diagram for Eight Course Dinner (in Guide)
  • Finger Bowl (in Guide)
  • Brief Pointers On Table Manners (in Guide)
  • Table Talk
  • Toasting and Tipping

3:45pm-5:30pm – Four Course Dinner/Tutorial


  • Be seated
  • Welcome Toast
  • Napkin Etiquette
  • The “b and d” Tip
  • First Course – Soup
  • Second Course – Mixed Salad
  • Third Course – Main – Grilled Pork Roast
  • Fourth Course – Dessert – Varies
  • Sides
    • Roasted butter and garlic red potatoes
    • Roasted butter and garlic greens with lemon wedge
    • Dinner rolls


5:30pm – 6:00pm – Certificates and Photos