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You never get a second chance to make a first impression! I know that Tami and I have worked hard as a parents to teach our kids to be the best they can be in all situations, but our skills are limited. I believe basic etiquette skills are the backbone of good relationships in life. We enlisted the help of Jonnie Fox and The Magnolia School of Etiquette and Protocolto help us with educating our youngest son, Nathaniel (10) on children’s etiquette and it made a world of difference. We highly recommend to any parents who are wanting to invest in their kids in helping them succeed in life – to invest in an etiquette class with Jonnie. Below is her information for an upcoming workshop in March. It will be one of the best investments for you as a parent and for your kids! ~ Kevin Wayne McGrew

Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce Member:  “This was such a fabulous event!Jonnie Fox Flanagan is amazing! I honestly never knew there was so much to Fine Dining, she shared so much in such a fun way! And “Thank You!” Bailey’s for the delicious dining! ~ Valerie Robson Harbottle

Dear Jonnie:  I just wanted you to know that while at a local restaurant today for brunch my two lovely children applied every rule learned from Mrs. Flanagan! I didn’t have to cut a pancake and I am pretty sure the mom at the next table was amazed! We will work on that next class soon.  Nate and Maddie have really enjoyed showing off their new skills. ~ Kamey WeeksTippett

Dear Jonnie:  I appreciate all the hard work and effort you put into the tea! I know how much work it takes to prepare for these things, I am a detail oriented girl (I appreciate and notice all the details).  You definitely went that extra mile to make sure all the details were done and perfect and I sure noticed that.  I could see that about you through your website and facebook pictures.   I knew you were the girl for me instantly and that is why I passionately sold the other parents on your class. I knew my troop would really benefit from your lesson and have a perfect tea experience. 

What many don’t understand is that it is so much more than an hour class; it is weeks of preparation, an hour or more of class time and then a night of clean up.  A lot of work for a one hour class and you’re worth every penny, if not more.  I knew you would be great.  I was so excited for today- and you did not disappoint!  It was everything I was expecting and more.  Thank you so much for all your hard work on this tea.  You definitely made it very special, memorable, and magical for the girls.  Oh and Brooklyn (my daughter) has gone on and on about it.  My sister came over to drop something off and Brooklyn taught her how to sit like a lady.  Seriously –  all night has been an etiquette lesson for us!  Thank you again! ~ Alyson Sprague – GS Troop Leader

Dear Jonnie:  I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your Teen Etiquette Seminar.   Both of my teens attended and found it informative, enjoyable, and educational.  The setting was truly professional, while at the same time, comfortable and elegant.  Everything was well-organized and both of my kids loved the marinated grilled pork roast as part of their four course dinner.  I would highly recommend your services to anyone who wishes to improve upon their social, business and/or dining skills.  You are making a difference!  ~ Michael Burke, DDS

“The kids had a fabulous time! They haven’t stopped talking about it. Thank you again.” ~ Bridget C.

“The Magnolia School of Etiquette is a wonderful place to brush up on current etiquette expectations as well as learn new ways to communicate through social media and in business meetings.  I feel very equipped to socialize in any setting and with any group of people.  In my profession, I work with many different cultures and backgrounds.  Because of this diversity, I needed to reaffirm my etiquette knowledge and learn new ways to interact in our media -driven society.  From the amazing four-course dinner to the Power Point presentations, The Magnolia School of Etiquette and Protocol is the place to learn all social graces.  The curriculum was easily tailored to meet my needs and delivered with grace, style, and humor.  I highly recommend this training whether you are six or sixty-six.  It is never too late to learn how to be the perfect host, guest, or meeting chair.” ~ Amanda M. (Teacher)

Jonnie! Thank you for the amazing job you have done with Rainier, he really enjoyed your class! Looking forward for next one !” ~ E. Duarte

Thank you so much for yesterday. Kanoe had a wonderful time.  After we left your residence, I asked her to share with me what she thought about etiquette class and this was her response, “Ooooh Mommy, I just loved it! Can I go everyday until my 7th birthday (next June)? I really like it that much!” And, she proudly continued sharing how she washed & dried her hands, the multiple uses of a napkin, introductions and rhyming to help remember peoples’ names. So, thank you so much. You have made learning manners fun and exciting and Kanoe can’t wait until her next class. ~ Aloha, Pua

Thank you SO much for the amazing and productive time we had together for my pre-wedding etiquette consultation. I wasn’t sure what to expect but you made everything so welcoming and comfortable, the three hours just flew by.  You answered all my questions and gave me great advice, tips and hands-on practice.  I left feeling confident and ready to enjoy our special day with grace and ease.  Your beautiful Afternoon Tea service was the perfect setting and a lovely touch for my consultation and I will be recommending you to my friends and peers with pleasure. ~ Serena G.

Jonnie, your home is beautiful and the area was very nice, warm and inviting. The training table was organized well, well lit,  room enough between the students as to not invade the other person’s space and there was a wide variety of food and beverages that all could enjoy. The training manual was very clear as I took the time to read it. Very nicely done with much needed information.  I would highly recommend this seminar to all families with teens. Sometime parents teach etiquette to their sons and daughters but it is always remembered better when taught in a small group session away from the home.  I would rate this course a 10+. ~Faith B.

We went out to dinner last night and Emma took her book to read up to make sure she was doing everything correctly.  She truly got something out of the class.  Thanks for letting her makeup the one she missed!  ~ Susan

Dear Jonnie:  We got your e-mail and photos.  Thank you so much.  Both kids had a good day with you and the rest of your students. They were a bit nervous about going, as I am sure everyone else was too. They came home, testing all of us on our manners!!! They both attend school where my daughter(their aunt) teaches, and she has them both  in her class. She said Morgan, was passing on what she learned to everyone in her class. Thank you again for having the desire and heart to teach our children of today, how to present themselves in a mannerly manner and for being one who sees the need to put some culture and etiquette back into the lives of our young people. ~ Pat Pascoe

At first mention, our 9 and 10 year old boys were reluctant to attend or participate in an etiquette class; however, much to our surprise, upon picking the boys up we found they enjoyed their lessons immensely.  They couldn’t wait to tell us (and show us) what they learned.  They have not stopped asking us to take them to a fancy restaurant so they can practice their newly acquired skills.We highly recommend this program to all parents who wish to expose their children to proper etiquette (something we all too often forget to do on our own).  Thank you for providing a structured and fun method for children to learn these invaluable skills and protocols.~ Marino & Kathy Tomacelli

Dear Jonnie:  On the drive home after the class, Brandon was excited to share with me many of the new things he had learned during the etiquette class.  I was pleased that he had an enjoyable time learning etiquette.   I am also pleased that he will be able to use much of what he learned on the cruise he will be going on during his spring break.  I know he will be especially confident and excited to use his knowledge during the formal dining on the cruise.   Thank you for making the class a fun learning experience for the kids.  Lunch was a big hit with Brandon too.  He really enjoyed the chicken salad sandwich.~ Rosanne Lilienfeld

Thank you again for teaching the etiquette class.  My girls had a wonderful time.  It has been fun to “practice” what they learned this week. Thank you.~ Adrienne Petersen

Please know how much I appreciate your understanding and your professionalism in handling our last minute schedule change.  Your business model is very impressive.~ Susan Strachan